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Representative-Elected for New Hampshire State Rep for Hillsborough District 1 (Pelham).

NRA Grade – AQ!

NRA-PVF has posted their grading for New Hampshire candidates, and I’m excited to announce I received an AQ rating based on survey questions. The “Q” is attached to signify that I don’t have a voting record (yet), and their grade is based on my questionnaire responses.

My primary slate mates, Sandy Panek and Jeff Tenczar also received AQ ratings!

I am a strong supporter of your right to keep, bear, and print arms. My voting record will reflect that in Concord, upgrading the AQ to an undeniable A.

Recommended by Liberty Ballot

I have been recommended by Liberty Ballot in their third round of recommendations for the 2022 Republican primary, alongside Congressional District 2 candidate Lily Tang Williams!

This is a great honor, as they are a helpful resource for voters looking to familiarize themselves with the ballots in their towns/wards and highlighting the liberty candidates.

Thank you, Liberty Ballot!

ENDORSEMENT – New Hampshire Liberty Alliance

I want to thank New Hampshire Liberty Alliance for their endorsement!

I promise to advocate for freedom and liberty as I serve at the New Hampshire State House. I will follow the gold standard, and help other legislators understand the principles behind the bill ratings. We will continue to achieve liberty in our lifetime during my term, I can assure the people New Hampshire of that!

A big thank you to Hershel Nunez, former Political Director of NHLA, for his help during my campaign and his continued guidance as we head into the elections!

ENDORSEMENT – Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire

I’m proud to announce that I’ve been endorsed by Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire in their second wave of candidate endorsements!

The organization’s objectives align perfectly with my own, and many of the requests made to me by the constituents of Pelham. Their advocacy for liberty and reduction in government in our everyday lives has helped keep New Hampshire the freest state in the nation. I promise to live up to this great honor and continue these efforts in Concord.

I want to thank Greg, Ross, Chris, and all the others up there in Manchester for this endorsement!

ENDORSEMENT – Hershel Nunez, current State Rep for Pelham

I’m proud to be endorsed by Pelham’s own Hershel Nunez. I will try to fill his large shoes as the strongest voice for liberty and freedom in Concord. He will be missed at the State House, but I promise to carry the torch with honor.

When you go to vote for your State Reps every 2 years for the next decade, know that it was Hershel that fought to get Pelham its own district so your representation will be your friends and neighbors.

HB1178 Signed Into Law

Governor Sununu signed HB1178 into law Friday, making New Hampshire a “gun sanctuary” state. This was one of the high profile bills I was watching like a hawk and am excited to see signed.

Any Federal laws/regulations that differ from those in NH RSA cannot be enforced by local/state law enforcement, and support cannot be provided for Federal agencies enforcing them.

This comes a week too late for a Salem, NH man that was arrested for “possession of a machine gun.” Barring any future details that may arise, it appears to me that this man was arrested while minding his own business. If he intended to use them for a mass shooting, or was selling them across state lines, or had discharged them recklessly within a dense area of the city, the headline and charges would certainly have included this information. So it reads to me that this man did nothing actually wrong, and there are no victims to this alleged “crime.”

Furthermore, the final line of that article lists NHSP and Salem police as aiding in the investigation alongside Federal agencies. This type of cooperation is disallowed by HB1178, leaving the infringement of rights entirely in the hands and on the dime of the Federal government so our State tax dollars can be spent on actual crimes instead.

Registration Day!

Today is the first day for candidate registration in New Hampshire, and my team and I are all filed!

Pelham Candidates Jeff Tenczar, Tom Mannion, and Sandra Panek

I’m excited to represent the people of Pelham and continue the great work the current Representatives are doing in the State House.

Be sure to vote in both the primary (September 13th) and general (November 8th) elections!

Mass Shootings & Police Inaction

The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that the police are not obligated to risk their lives to protect you and your family. Regardless of what we believe the police should do, the courts have given them reassurances they are off the hook and don’t have to risk life and limb on our behalf. I, personally, find that distasteful, but I come from the Marine Corps Infantry, fully expecting to be shot at, blown up, and to breach hostile structures. A lot of police don’t sign up for that.

With that clarified, it becomes extremely evident that we are all responsible for our own protection. And violent riots of 2020 further proved that there IS a place for standard sized (30 round) magazines and semiautomatic rifles. Removing the right to own and carry firearms for defense of yourself, your property, your family, your business, and others is ludicrous. Proposals to do so will accomplish nothing, and are non-starters. There is no debate here.

We entrust teachers with our children’s safety during a normal school day. If a child is choking or injured in the classroom, a teacher will do everything in their power to help. We, as a country, should also permit them to carry personal firearms in the classrooms and act as a final line of defense for their students. We already trust them to spend hours alone with them, and teachers generally care about the safety and wellbeing of their students (let alone their own lives) enough to use a firearm in defense. Ideally these individuals would seek training, as any good firearm owner should, increasing their effectiveness should the need arise.

Thankfully New Hampshire allows individuals to carry inside of schools. This contributes to New Hampshire’s status as one of the safest states in the country. While outside my purview as a future State Representative, I urge the repeal of the Federal Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1990, which would make many teachers criminals for just trying to protect their students.

I will oppose any measures that attempt to disarm citizens, including teachers carrying in their classrooms. Remember: when seconds count, the police are minutes away… and then could stand outside the building for 40 minutes before coming to save your kids.

Federal L’s: Disinformation Governance Board CANCELLED!

Biden has announced a pause for the Department of Homeland Security’s Ministry of Truth board.

If there’s one thing I learned from this experience – cyberbullying the Federal government can have the intended results!

Just follow Spike Cohen’s example!

Hopefully the ATF will be next to succumb to his ratio’ing!