About Me

I dreamed for years of making New Hampshire my home. Now that I’ve realized that dream, I want to help improve all the aspects that drew me here.

I relocated to Pelham in 2020, and I promise I won’t Mass up New Hampshire.

I was born and raised in Massachusetts, but always knew the state was not right for me. I had been watching the progress New Hampshire was making for personal liberty for years, seeing it fight and win the title of “most free state” in the country with envy.

When 2020 hit, and restrictions and lockdowns became the norm, New Hampshire soldiered on very differently than my state, and I was inspired. I tried to change things in my local community, to no avail. Massachusetts was happy to live under the security theater imposed by the State.

I finally made the choice, like many Americans, to stop fighting a losing battle in a state that obviously didn’t want me, and move to one that better aligned with my beliefs.

In November of 2020, I was happy to proclaim myself a resident of New Hampshire, and recognize the failures of my former home. I promise to use that knowledge to keep our great state moving towards liberty and to never steer towards what I had left.

Work History

Software Engineer
(2012 – Today)
Developing automation software for automotive camera assembly.

UMass Lowell
Graduated with Bachelors in Computer Engineering.

United States Marine Corps
(2004 – 2008)
Served as an 0311 Infantry Rifleman in 3/6. Deployed twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Honorably discharged in 2008.

State Representative – Hillsborough County District 01 (Pelham)