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Hearing Alert: HB646 – Eliminating Mandatory Vehicle Inspection for Non-commercial Vehicles

I am a co-sponsor on House Bill 646, and will be introducing it to the Transportation committee January 31st. This will be a public hearing, and I encourage you to come out in support, or to file a testimony online.

WHATHB646 Hearing
WHENTuesday, January 31, 10:30AM
WHERELegislative Office Building
Concord, NH
Room 201-203

This bill will simply remove the annual requirement for inspections for non-commercial vehicles. We are one of 15 states that still require them, and there is no correlation between vehicle crashes and mandatory inspections. In fact 94% of all crashes occur from driver error, only 2% are from mechanical failure. There are no metrics on whether inspections would have helped reduce that tiny percentage, however, insurance company rates do not favor states with mandatory inspections, and they’re a fantastic indicator for efficacy of vehicle safety policy.

If you, or anyone you know, wishes to testify on behalf of this bill, please come out to the hearing, it is open to the public. Online testimony can also be submitted here, using the table above to populate the form. If you need help, reach out to me: tom@mannion4nh.com