Is Theft

No one likes paying taxes, but they are currently a tolerated evil to fund programs the State provides. (NH Constitution Part 1, Art 12).

I believe most programs are best run by the private sector, and thus shouldn’t be provided by tax payers at gun point. I will not vote for any single tax increase and will find places we can further cut government spending. I will work towards diminishing the existing property tax burden on citizens through optimization of existing government bodies.

I abhor the very concept of an income tax. A person should not be taxed on their labor. Any attempt to institute one in the State of New Hampshire will be resisted with every fiber of my being.

New Hampshire v. Massachusetts

I, like many of you, was angered by the dismissal by the US Supreme Court of the lawsuit our state had against Massachusetts. The suit was to put an end to, and recoup taxed wages from, Massachusetts’s illegal income tax against remote workers during the 2020 lockdowns. The State forced all businesses capable into remote work, meaning New Hampshire residents were paying income tax to a state they weren’t setting foot in. On top of that, the State bragged of a tax surplus.

I will work to protect the wages of remote workers, from all states and ensure this never happens again. I support HB1097 and all legislation like it.

State Representative – Hillsborough County District 01 (Pelham)