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Representative-Elected for New Hampshire State Rep for Hillsborough District 1 (Pelham).

Nullification: HB1178 Passes

House Bill 1178 is off to the Governor’s desk to be signed, excellent work in nullifying Federal gun control measures within our state.

There is a pesky amendment that watered down the original intent, providing plausible excuse for New Hampshire law enforcement to back-door assist in unconstitutional firearm raids (under a different name) but I’ll immediately work on getting it removed.

Disinformation Governance Board

If we learned anything from Edward Snowden’s exposure of the NSA, the IRS’s political targeting of the Tea Party, and the FBI’s continued abuses, it’s that the Federal government is incapable of fairly exercising any power it is given. So when the Biden administration plans to create an Orwellian Ministry of Truth, you can rest assured it will not be leveraged with fairness, nor for the “greater good.” And if the PATRIOT Act is any kind of precedent, as soon as parties flip, the new bosses won’t be quick to dispose of the power. Some Republicans in Congress are attempting to dismantle this board, but there are also crickets from particular caucuses.

This is yet another reason why we need to be prepared, at the State level, to question Federal operations within New Hampshire. We must refuse personnel support and information request from this thoughtcrime bureau. We cannot be naïve to think the enforcement divisions of the Department of Homeland Security won’t be leveraged on behalf of the disinformation board. When elected, I will make it extremely painful, if not impossible, for this board to function within our State. I will template legislation after our 2nd Amendment sanctuary bill to protect our citizens from Big Brother Biden.

House W’s: Voter Affidavit Bill (SB418) Passes

Excellent work by the legislature to help secure New Hampshire elections! SB418 passed both houses and is off to the Governor. One more safeguard is now in place to ensure random citizens (frequently from Massachusetts) don’t cross over and file false affidavits with fake identities/addresses and meddle in the elections of our state.

We should encourage maximum participation, but also maximum trust in the elections. This bill helps the latter without hindering the former.

Federal L’s: Airline Mask Mandates Lifted

It took only hours for most of the major airlines to lift their mask requirements after US District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle of Florida ruled the CDC’s mandate illegal.

The silent majority is seen here, applauding, cheering, exclaiming “Finally!”

While it is time to rejoice, we should also remember that the airlines and even most passengers did not want the mask policy, evident clearly by the speed of the repeal by the airlines, and the jubilation across many an airplane cabin.

The CDC overstepped its bounds and leveraged the other Federal bureaus (DHS’s TSA, the FAA, and others) to enforce compliance. We need to remain vigilant of any kind of Federal overreach, and to protect New Hampshire’s freedom. The infringements come in the form of small mandates here and there, rules a lot of people will just put up with, but we shouldn’t budge one inch.

We need to take the last two years as a learning experience and prevent any overreach occurring within our state. I promise to do this once elected.

“Ghost Guns”

President Biden recently held a press conference where he conflated crime statistics of firearms without a serial number (filed off) with home-built firearms. Statistics for 3D-printed/milled firearms use in crime is often combined with run-of-the-mill stolen firearms with serial numbers illegally removed. So, as with all gun control arguments, the statistics are inaccurate and disingenuous —intentionally so.

We, as Americans, can manufacture firearms for self use. The ATF’s regulation for serializing only comes into effect when acting as a dealer of firearms. This country has a long, proud history of individuals constructing their own arms, including the revolutionaries that fought for our independence. Even should an ATF regulation come into place, I will oppose it.

Another misconception Biden often repeats is that “you couldn’t own a cannon” at the time of the Constitution’s ratification. This is untrue. Privateers owned entire battleship-equivalents of the era, equipped with several cannons.

Biden also likes to talk about recreation or hunting when mentioning what we “need” for ammunition, magazines, or feeding devices. The 2nd Amendment does not mention recreation, nor hunting. While both are valid uses for firearms that I support, the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is defense of oneself, from any threat, to include tyrannical government. It’s also pretty insulting to claim servicemembers are “bad shots” because they carry standard capacity magazines.

Joe “shoot the shotgun in the air out your front door” Biden will never have to defend his home or family as he will have Secret Service protection for the rest of his life. We do not have such a luxury. As such, I support HB 1178, and any future bills like it, which nullifies any Executive Order from his office, Federal legislation, or bureaucratic regulation that would restrict your right to buy or construct firearms, and carry magazines of any capacity you please.


In the current polarizing time, the Federal Government should not be adding more tinder to the tinder box, let alone setting the box ablaze.

If any civilian coordinated and coaxed other civilians into commission of a crime, they’d be tried as part of a criminal conspiracy. When the Federal Government does it, the best-case scenario is the rogue agents involved get a slap on the wrist. However, these weren’t rogue agents!

Entrapment should not just be a defense used in court after months of one’s life and thousands of dollars in legal fees are wasted. Federal agents that engaged in the activity, and potentially any of their supervisors aware of it or who ordered it, should be found criminally liable.

Citizens should not be on the defense against their own governments. We should not be labeled extremists for having opinions nor manipulated into action by agencies that manufacture crimes to justify their budgets.