Lockdowns/Health Mandates

I moved to New Hampshire to escape inconsistent, failed health measures enacted by the Massachusetts government and will never allow a governor, or any other State or Federal agency to repeat those mistakes in the Granite State.

No business is “non-essential.” Your livelihood is not to be sacrificed upon the altar of fear by the masses. I have never, and will never support lockdown measures that have turned our economy upside down and left many businesses to perish. I will not let the State pick winners and losers – allowing big box stores, fast food chains, and politically connected industries to continue operation, but closing gyms, family restaurants, and small businesses.

Risk should always be evaluated by the individual. Those that wish to be locked down, can do so as they wish. The rest of us will live on, taking any precautions that we deem reasonable, but not necessitating action from those around us to placate fears.

Vaccines should never be mandated. If the effects of a product are clearly beneficial, the market will adopt the them, no coercion or threats of punishment would be necessary. Masks should never be mandated, either. I support bills prohibiting vaccine passports, including HB1495, HB1455, and the myriad others introduced and passed in the House this past session.

State Representative – Hillsborough County District 01 (Pelham)