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Endorsement – Rebuild NH

I am proud to be endorsed by Rebuild New Hampshire!

During lockdowns of 2020, Rebuild (previously Reopen) was one of the strongest and most active grassroots organizations that sprung up in the fight against Covid tyranny. It is one of two organizations that inspired me to finally move out of Massachusetts and pursue the Live Free or Die calling up here in New Hampshire, and to get involved by running for State Rep.

It is an honor to be endorsed by Rebuild, and I will continue the fight against government overreach in Concord.

New Hampshire Firearms Coalition Grade – A*S

I have received an A rating for my survey responses from the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition.

I promise to maintain Constitutional carry within New Hampshire, and will work to keep Federal mandates/regulations at bay to protect granite staters’ rights from infringement by any government body.

Thank you for the grade, and I promise my legislative service will follow suit!

NRA Grade – AQ!

NRA-PVF has posted their grading for New Hampshire candidates, and I’m excited to announce I received an AQ rating based on survey questions. The “Q” is attached to signify that I don’t have a voting record (yet), and their grade is based on my questionnaire responses.

My primary slate mates, Sandy Panek and Jeff Tenczar also received AQ ratings!

I am a strong supporter of your right to keep, bear, and print arms. My voting record will reflect that in Concord, upgrading the AQ to an undeniable A.

Recommended by Liberty Ballot

I have been recommended by Liberty Ballot in their third round of recommendations for the 2022 Republican primary, alongside Congressional District 2 candidate Lily Tang Williams!

This is a great honor, as they are a helpful resource for voters looking to familiarize themselves with the ballots in their towns/wards and highlighting the liberty candidates.

Thank you, Liberty Ballot!

ENDORSEMENT – New Hampshire Liberty Alliance

I want to thank New Hampshire Liberty Alliance for their endorsement!

I promise to advocate for freedom and liberty as I serve at the New Hampshire State House. I will follow the gold standard, and help other legislators understand the principles behind the bill ratings. We will continue to achieve liberty in our lifetime during my term, I can assure the people New Hampshire of that!

A big thank you to Hershel Nunez, former Political Director of NHLA, for his help during my campaign and his continued guidance as we head into the elections!