Federal L’s: Airline Mask Mandates Lifted

It took only hours for most of the major airlines to lift their mask requirements after US District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle of Florida ruled the CDC’s mandate illegal.

The silent majority is seen here, applauding, cheering, exclaiming “Finally!”

While it is time to rejoice, we should also remember that the airlines and even most passengers did not want the mask policy, evident clearly by the speed of the repeal by the airlines, and the jubilation across many an airplane cabin.

The CDC overstepped its bounds and leveraged the other Federal bureaus (DHS’s TSA, the FAA, and others) to enforce compliance. We need to remain vigilant of any kind of Federal overreach, and to protect New Hampshire’s freedom. The infringements come in the form of small mandates here and there, rules a lot of people will just put up with, but we shouldn’t budge one inch.

We need to take the last two years as a learning experience and prevent any overreach occurring within our state. I promise to do this once elected.

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