“Ghost Guns”

President Biden recently held a press conference where he conflated crime statistics of firearms without a serial number (filed off) with home-built firearms. Statistics for 3D-printed/milled firearms use in crime is often combined with run-of-the-mill stolen firearms with serial numbers illegally removed. So, as with all gun control arguments, the statistics are inaccurate and disingenuous —intentionally so.

We, as Americans, can manufacture firearms for self use. The ATF’s regulation for serializing only comes into effect when acting as a dealer of firearms. This country has a long, proud history of individuals constructing their own arms, including the revolutionaries that fought for our independence. Even should an ATF regulation come into place, I will oppose it.

Another misconception Biden often repeats is that “you couldn’t own a cannon” at the time of the Constitution’s ratification. This is untrue. Privateers owned entire battleship-equivalents of the era, equipped with several cannons.

Biden also likes to talk about recreation or hunting when mentioning what we “need” for ammunition, magazines, or feeding devices. The 2nd Amendment does not mention recreation, nor hunting. While both are valid uses for firearms that I support, the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is defense of oneself, from any threat, to include tyrannical government. It’s also pretty insulting to claim servicemembers are “bad shots” because they carry standard capacity magazines.

Joe “shoot the shotgun in the air out your front door” Biden will never have to defend his home or family as he will have Secret Service protection for the rest of his life. We do not have such a luxury. As such, I support HB 1178, and any future bills like it, which nullifies any Executive Order from his office, Federal legislation, or bureaucratic regulation that would restrict your right to buy or construct firearms, and carry magazines of any capacity you please.

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