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Biden Admin Pivots on Marijuana Just In Time For Elections

Since the Roe decision is not moving the needle and the student loan forgiveness idea is doing more damage than helping, the Biden administration had to reach into the grab bag to find something to get voters to check blue at the polls.

For clarity, I support the measures he outlined. I’ve been a long time proponent for legalization of marijuana. That being said, he had pardon power the day he took office in 2021, and waited almost 2 years to consider pardoning Americans in prison for possession (meaning no victim to the “crime”).

Those people rotted in a cell for having a plant, and did so for 22 months longer than necessary because the Democrats are failing in the polls. I believe that if the Dems were doing well, the Biden administration would’ve happily let those people stay in prison. We already know how Kamala feels about it! And I know voters of the granite state see right through this faux mea culpa.

I, alongside the Republican party in New Hampshire, will be making steps to (finally) legalize marijuana in our state. Vote red, straight ticket, November 8th!