FLOOR SPEECHES – March 16 (HCR4 – Article V Convention of States – Term Limits )

I gave the Parliamentary Inquiry today in support of HCR4 – an application to an Article V Convention of States for the purpose of proposing an amendment to the Constitution for U.S. Congressional Term Limits.

I am both a proponent for Article V CoS, as well as a supporter for Term Limits for all Federal positions – elected or otherwise. Cronyism is rampant in DC and it is obvious those that have been down there the longest are the least likely to fix the issues, and ultimately have voted against America’s best interests time and time again.

I could write an entire blog post about why I believe an Article V convention would be a solution to many of our problems with the Federal government, but I’ll save it for another day. Here is my parliamentary inquiry for HCR4:

Mr. Speaker, if I know that Congress has proposed over 12,000 amendments to the Constitution since 1789, and yet the States have proposed 0 despite both having the equal power to do so

And if I know that 82% of voters (87 percent Republican, 83 percent democrat, 78 percent independent) support term limits for Congress, showing rare bipartisan agreement,

And if I know the current system overwhelmingly protects incumbents, with only 20 percent of races being competitive, and fundraising for their next race becomes the primary focus of these incumbents, not serving their constituents,

And finally, if I know Congress has a current approval rating of 28 percent, and this is our chance, and our constitutional responsibility to correct, then I would pass the green button and support the committee recommendation of OTP on HCR4.

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