Hearing Alert: HB474 – Relative to Enforcement of Federal Firearms Laws and Establishing Penalties

I am the prime sponsor of House Bill 474, and will be introducing it to the Criminal Justice committee February 8th. This will be a public hearing, and I encourage you to come out in support, or to file a testimony online.

WHATHB474 Hearing
WHENWednesday, February 8, 3:15PM
WHEREState House
Concord, NH
Reps Hall
COMMITTEECriminal Justice

This bill gives teeth to the gun sanctuary bill signed into law by the governor last year. It specifically allows individuals to sue police that violated their natural right to bear arms. Additionally it prevents federal agents from being employed by the state as law enforcement, if they previously have violated those same rights.

February 8th is a big day for several pro- and anti-gun bills. Please come or submit testimony online.

If you, or anyone you know, wishes to testify on behalf of this bill, please come out to the hearing, it is open to the public. Online testimony can also be submitted here, using the table above to populate the form. If you need help, reach out to me: tom@mannion4nh.com

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