Hearing Alert: HB229 – Defend the Guard

I am a co-sponsor on House Bill 229, also known as the “Defend the Guard Act.” This bill will come before the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs committee for a public hearing January 20th.

WHATHB229 Hearing
WHENFriday, January 20, 10:00AM
WHERELegislative Office Building
Concord, NH
Room 206-208
COMMITTEEState-Federal Relations and Veteran’s Affairs

The purpose of this bill is to require Congress to formally declare war before New Hampshire will send its National Guardsmen to a conflict zone. It is simultaneously a life-saving measure, a state’s rights assertion, and a call on our representatives in DC to properly follow the Constitution and use the powers granted to them. More information on the many states filing this type of legislation, and FAQ’s can be found here: https://defendtheguard.us/

If you, or anyone you know, wishes to testify on behalf of this bill, please come out to the hearing, it is open to the public. Online testimony can also be submitted here, using the table above to populate the form. If you need help, reach out to me: tom@mannion4nh.com

Public testimony helps put names, faces, and stories to a bill and communicate to committee members the importance it has to constituents.

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