Organization Day

The Strong Squad was sworn in alongside the other New Hampshire State Representative-Elects in a ceremony at the State House in Concord. We are officially Representatives of Pelham.

We all voted for Speaker Packard, House Clerk Smith, and the Sergeant of the Guard. In the joint session with the Senate, we elected Secretary of State Scanlan and State Treasurer Mezzapelle.

The looming issue, after these office elections, was to determine the fate of the tie vote in the Rochester Representative race. Minority leader Representative Wilhelm put forth a motion to vote on House Resolution 6, which would require a run-off election, through the holidays, citing precedent. A motion to table was attempted by Representative Ross Berry, but ultimately failed in a roll call vote. The Strong Squad voted alongside most of the Republican party to table. The original motion then ultimately passed by voice vote, leaving the Rochester seat empty until the town holds their run-off election.

A long first day , but we’re excited for the future. Between the three of us, there are over a dozen legislative service requests (LSRs) filed that we are prime or co-sponsoring for the upcoming legislative session.

To the citizens of Pelham: thank you for your trust in us, and your votes. The fight has just started, and we won’t let you down.

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