HB1178 Signed Into Law

Governor Sununu signed HB1178 into law Friday, making New Hampshire a “gun sanctuary” state. This was one of the high profile bills I was watching like a hawk and am excited to see signed.

Any Federal laws/regulations that differ from those in NH RSA cannot be enforced by local/state law enforcement, and support cannot be provided for Federal agencies enforcing them.

This comes a week too late for a Salem, NH man that was arrested for “possession of a machine gun.” Barring any future details that may arise, it appears to me that this man was arrested while minding his own business. If he intended to use them for a mass shooting, or was selling them across state lines, or had discharged them recklessly within a dense area of the city, the headline and charges would certainly have included this information. So it reads to me that this man did nothing actually wrong, and there are no victims to this alleged “crime.”

Furthermore, the final line of that article lists NHSP and Salem police as aiding in the investigation alongside Federal agencies. This type of cooperation is disallowed by HB1178, leaving the infringement of rights entirely in the hands and on the dime of the Federal government so our State tax dollars can be spent on actual crimes instead.

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